Did you all hear about this?

Wow, not a word.

Mother fucker. The worst part is that Exxon Mobil provides gasoline for United Dairy Farmers here in Columbus (I’m not sure about elsewhere), and they’re usually the cheapest gas.


Approximately 18,000 shark fins drying on a rooftop in Kennedy Town, Hong Kong. A public outcry in 2010 forced traders to stop drying fins in the streets and move them out of sight. Photo: Paul Hilton


If you estimate that 3 fins per shark was removed that’s 6,000 sharks that were caught, finned and (probably) released ALIVE back into the water.

Say no to shark fin soup.


Aided by Yes Men, activists strike at Shell
October 3, 3012

Shell blocked employees’ access to an activist website providing information about harm wrought by the oil giant’s drilling plans in West Africa.

In a Yes Men-aided stunt, activist group People Against Legalizing Murder (PALM), posing as an internal Shell division, emailed 71,010 shell employees directing them to a site with information about a human rights case — Kiobel v. Royal Dutch Petroleum — being argued by the U.S. Supreme Court. The email encouraged recipients to spread the word and even tweet their feelings on the case to Oprah.

The website, which highlighted Shell’s presence in Nigeria, was blocked to Shell employees within minutes. The activist group, which allegedly received employee emails from a Shell insider, was swift to change the site’s URL and re-email the oil company employees.

“Surely most Shell employees, like most people, don’t want multinationals to get away with murder just because murder’s convenient,” said Andy Bichlbaum of the Yes Lab, which provided technical assistance for the action.

A release from PALM and the Yes Lab elaborates on the reason for the stunt:

PALM intended the action to help shine a spotlight on the case, brought by the widow of Dr. Barinem Kiobel, who was hanged along with novelist Ken Saro-Wiwa for opposition to Shell’s drilling plans in West Africa. Shell is alleged to have aided paramilitary forces that raided more than 60 villages, killed over 800 people, and displaced 30,000 more.

To prevail, Shell lawyers must overturn a 200-year-old law, the Alien Tort Statute (ATS), that compensates victims of international crimes. (The law has been used to compensate Holocaust survivors who sued for restitution from corporations that profited from slavery and forced labor during World War II.) Shell’s lawyers are arguing that their corporation is not subject to the ATS because it is not a person.

“When it comes to things like election spending, Shell and other corporations want to have all the rights of people,” said Sean Dagohoy from PALM. “But when accused of murder, Shell conveniently argues that they aren’t a person.

In arguing Kiobel v. Royal Dutch Petroleum, the Supreme Court justices will also be determining whether U.S. courts can hear suits brought by foreigners about events outside the U.S.. As the Christian Science Monitor noted on Monday, should the justices rule against such hearings, “an important avenue for redress will be closed to foreign victims of human-rights abuses.”


Bolding mine.

You can’t be a person in the US if you don’t want to be a person elsewhere just because it’s convenient.







Aboriginal Petroglyphs Destroyed by Vandals Armed with Acid and a Drill

“To my absolute horror, I could see what kind of damage had been done…I just couldn’t believe it.”

“The vandals used a truck to get to the rock and suspects they used a power washer to remove the lichen covering the symbols before spraying acid on the paintings and drilling away the carvings with a rock bore or hammer drill.

“We have been violated, future generations have been robbed and the world has been deprived of the ancient knowledge contained within these artifacts,” Knowlton wrote in his report. “This urgent matter must follow a formal plan of action at all levels.””

Aboriginal Petroglyphs Destroyed By Vandals Armed With Acid and a Drill -

I can’t even think of obscenities strong enough to convey how disgusted and horrified I am. I don’t have the words.

Who the fuck does something like this?  WHO THE FUCK DOES THIS THAT DELIBERATELY?

What the fuck goes wrong in a person’s head and/or heart, such that they are so opposed to the notion of markers of cultural history that they will take the time and effort to specifically go out of their way to destroy it?  Does not compute.  Does not compute at all.

This has 66 notes.

A gifset of a woman cutting up some shoddily constructed mass-market books has over 7000, with graphic and horrible death threats.

Let that sink in, tumblr.

This is so horrible. What the fuck is wrong with people?






Rapists, Beware: Detroit Prosecutor IDs 21 Attackers in ‘Rape Kit’ Investigation

“Kym Worthy has identified 21 serial rapists so far in a sweeping investigation that could have national implications. Abigail Pesta reports on the crusade to eliminate the rape-kit backlog.

Twenty-one serial rapists have been identified in a massive investigation led by Detroit prosecutor Kym Worthy—and her manhunt has only just begun.”




This story/this woman blows my mind. Don’t let this become noise on your dash, y’all, you’d be doing yourself a disservice


No computer can yet pass the ‘Turing test’ and be taken as human. But the hunt for artificial intelligence is moving in a different, exciting direction that involves creativity, language – and even jazz

Legion joins Bootsy Collins, Bobby McFerrin and Michael Franti in experimental studio recording. Producer Brian Eno.

Oooh. I would buy that album. Awesome article too! Read it!


It was supposed to be a tribute to one of Monty Python’s most famous moments, when the comedians took on religious figures incensed by their 1979 satire The Life of Brian. But the writers and producers behind the BBC’s forthcoming comedy drama Holy Flying Circus have angered rather than…

D: Sad that they couldn’t research it. If you plan on doing something that has historical records and facts and the people involved are still alive - you should do it correctly. It’s “fantastical re-imaginings” of history that cause it to be messed-up/re-written in the first place. Monty Python is absurdist - it’s obvious that they’re making fun of something and parodying it. Even (especially) if it is historical. Something like this though… a younger generation is going to go watch this and think it’s the truth. Think that this really happened that way, especially as they’re calling it a drama and not a comedy. They’re not indicating (as far as I can tell) that it’s fiction based loosely on truth, it seems more to me that they’re trying to sell it as fact. :/



Surfer Grabs, Saves Great White Shark

When the words “surfer” and “shark” appear together in a headline, the news usually concerns a bloody encounter. But in Venice Beach, California, a few days ago, video footage captured something remarkable: surfers grabbing and saving a great white shark.

I wanted to cry when the baby shark got back into the water!

This gives me hope for humanity. <3